'Black Myth: Wukong' refused to be extorted $7 million by SweetBaby.「黑神话:悟空」拒绝了 SweetBaby 勒索的700万美元


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RunawayDevIn a few years we might have top rated game companies with names like "Politically Incorrect Games" or "Offensive Studios" or even "Nodei Inc." lmao几年内,我们说不定能看到一些top级游戏公司取名叫「政治不正确游戏公司」或「冒犯工作室」,甚至「无DEI公司」,哈哈。

(DEI:Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 多样性、平等和包容性)

omahaknight71"Politically Incorrect Games"
PIG for short. We have a winner here folks.

HeroKumaWhether it's true or not, you'd have to be dumb to try that shit and think China will bend over lol. Unless it's the other way around. wahhh remove Taiwan flag or Statue of Liberty or else!不论真假,如果有人觉得这样做会使中国屈服,那简直蠢到家了lol。除非是反过来:喂喂喂,移除台湾旗帜或自由女神像,否则走着瞧!

Trickster289That's kind of why I'm wondering if this is fake. SBI only work with Western studios as far as I know, probably for language reasons.我也觉得这是假消息,SBI据我所知只对西方工作室出手,估计是语言原因。

ghoxenMy guess is that SBI tries to step in at the distribution stage, since the Chinese studio would have to work with western localizers / distributors.我的猜测是,SBI 可能会在发行阶段介入,因为中国的工作室需要与西方的本地化团队或发行商合作。

FSD-BishopYep, look at Stellar blade it didn't get censored until the last minute which is why the original outfits were in physical version before the patches were applied.确实,星刃直到最后一刻才被和谐,这也解释了为何原版服装在补丁更新之前还出现在实体版本中。

UchainedChinese speaker here, the english translation left out some of the Chinese text (the fourth paragraph of the Chinese text). After the english paragraph that mentions "God of war", there should be a paragraph that says:
"A series of extremely ugly female characters is the direct result of political correctness group, such as __" It mentioned a name or company, called "la wan".
I don't know what it's called in English. I don't know whether its a a name, a group, or a company.
「一系列臭名昭著的丑得惊天动地的女主角色都是被政治正确指导团队们干扰后的直接结果(譬如__)。」这里提到的人名或公司叫「la wan」。

Ezio-Luan"Lawan", that's the main female character in Dying light 2 (the Chinese hated her)「拉万」,消逝的光芒2中的女主(中国玩家非常讨厌她)

UchainedAhh, I see, thanks for the clarification.噢哦,原来如此,感谢科普。

TalentlessWizardWasn't just the chinese, Lawan was obnoxious and stupid. She tries to kill Aiden constantly and then hugs him after he restores power to the grid. Like, girl, you tried to MURDER this man 20 minutes ago, wtf are you doing?
Lawan sucks.

AzzylivesNah bruh… fucking everyone who played the game hated her.
Not only was she ugly as the backside of a cow but she was just completely intolerable as a character.

Toma-toeIt’s literally a protection racket.
"Nice game you got here, would be shame if someone accused you of sexism"

NimbleBard48Exactly. I immediately thought of them as some sort of mafia.一模一样。我立刻就联想到黑手党的画面了

ARTHURUZBSweetbaby: Pay me 7 mln dollars to ruin your game.
China: I am gonna pay you 0 dollars to fuck off.

Zeidrich-X25Love it!爱了!

badchefrazzyGonna have to agree with China on this one.这次不得不支持中国了

HUSK3RGAM3ROf course, their model is like extortion. "Pay us and follow our consulting guidelines or we will ruin your public reputation".没错,他们的经营模式跟敲诈一样。「交钱遵循我们的咨询指导,否则我们就毁掉你的公众声誉」

SgtPuppySo it was all about money. Colour me surprised.所以全都是生意。真让我惊讶。

kaithespinneris always about the money: manipulating the masses is just the easiest way, proof is politicians向来如此:操纵群众只是最简单的方法,政客就是明证。

theskepticalhereticCorporate extortion.企业敲诈。

jusmouaRemember though, these people only fight for DEI where they know they are safe and can get away with it. Just like weak modern day feminism, they won't fight for it where it's at its most oppressive form like in the middle east.记住,这些人只会在他们认为安全并且可以逃脱惩罚的地方,为多样性、平等和包容性(DEI)而战。就像现代弱化的女权主义一样,他们可不敢在中东等最具压迫性的地方露面。

zczirak7 million to tell someone to make their characters uglier???花700万让别人把角色做丑???

pakasiwiNow I understand the Meme. Why Western Devs Ugly Characters and Eastern Devs Pretty.
I thought it's just Culture. But It's because of these Guys huh?

Tyr808I mean there is a very real cultural difference as well. I did a bit of professional modeling in the US and then went to Taiwan. This was in 2011 in the US and it was already getting pretty political so to speak. I was going to be working with another model who had gained some weight between casting and the shoot and the director was pissed but also felt like their hands were tied because of how people react to that and the fact that it wasn’t a severe weight gain.
I had that same situation happen in Asia and the girl was unceremoniously demoted to a background role. It wasn’t even a personal or emotional move at all, just a very objective analysis of what is.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not one sided, there’s a lot about western culture I prefer and why I’m back in the US again, but I really love how Asia doesn’t sugarcoat or bullshit on aesthetics. Granted I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about that because I grew up with a lot of body image cope rather than factual information, and that thoroughly sabotaged me for years until I learned actual fact on the matter.



Horrible_CursesIs it because of my physical appearance?!
-Person whose job hinges on physical appearance.
Bonkers they'd need to think the optics in that line of work.

Tyr808I honestly spent very little time in the American industry compared to Asia, so I really can’t say how much that would be a common issue or if it was having to deal with a problematic person on the crew they otherwise relied on, etc.
But yeah the biggest part to me is, “who are we trying to fool?” Gaining weight doesn’t invalidate you as a person but we all know what is and isn’t attractive. For an extreme example, no amount of normalization will get someone to eat a dog turd and say, “yum!” I feel like everyone who can’t embrace the reality of health and fitness can say whatever that they want, but it’s ultimately only to their own detriment.


CeskichAs an italian this Is how mafia operates.意大利人表示黑手党就是这么运作的。

BluntBeaver83Bet this game is awesome. No woke crybaby bullshit.打赌这个游戏很棒。没有哭闹巨婴的废话。

Legal-Group-359Man, the arrogance of Sweet baby is off the charts. “Yes, give us bout 7 mill to ruin your game, trust us bro”. Let the voting with the wallets begin.Man,Sweet baby简直傲慢到家了。 「没错,给我们七百万,让我们来毁了你的游戏,相信我bro」。让大家用钱来投票吧。

Hairy-Vermicelli-194"and rejected the extortionate guidance fees of millions of dollars demanded by these political correctness teams." how does that work if you reject to work with them, they just send you a bill and expect you to pay for not having to deal with them ?「他们一直拒绝来自海外的政治正确有关的辅导团队的指导」。如果你拒绝与他们合作,他们会寄给你账单,指望你支付因为不愿意与他们打交道而产生的费用吗?

Shameless_CatslutIf you reject them, they slander you.如果你拒绝他们,就等着被诽谤吧。

Ezio-LuanThey'll also keep harassing you until you work with them, bad press reviews, these can do real damage to a unrelease game and even worse for a company just started.他们会持续不断地骚扰你,直到你同意与他们合作。负面的媒体评价可以对一款未发布的游戏造成实质性的损害,对于刚刚起步的公司来说更是雪上加霜。

IntroductionUpset764no they just insist on working with them while you pay for their consult services
not only its a biggest scam scheme like fucking mafia they also ruining games (which i believe their true goal)

PregnantShaiThose western clowns have nothing on the based Chinese/Korean devs. They don't bend the knee.
I was already gonna buy it but now I'm preordering. You wanna make it political? Okay let's play political.

VitalicsGame has now jumped to "Must Buy" for me.这下不得不玩了