欧美网民:英雄联盟S12全球总决赛 DK vs JDG 小组赛 Day6 讨论



2022 World Championship / Group Stage - Day 6 / Live Discussion英雄联盟S12全球总决赛 DK vs JDG 小组赛 Day6 讨论

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YuriVolteHyugaFinally he rolled a 3, guys, it's okay, he's beatable, right?终于摇出来3了,大家,他还是会输的,对吧?

klompixcant wait for chinese reaction flaming jdg.等不及欣赏中国人破防狂喷jdg的反应了、

Ok-Platypus-8776Kill aphelios? No problem! gets triple killed想杀efls?没问题!然后被三杀

Wonderful_Falcon6537Korea is currently on a 12 game winning streak.LCK目前已经12连胜了

oneanddonecommentcanyon on graves is a cheat code.三叔的男枪跟开了一样。

jpd962020 canyon is back…2020 canyon回来了…

follyrogueCanyon truly the JUG KING!三叔打野的神!


AnarchontologistAnother MOSTLY stomp.
Worlds as a product is becoming a huge pile of dog shit.
You're not even watching close games for more than like 8-12 minutes. Then it's just a huge fucking flow chart to finish the game.

RushMurkyDid you not see the first JDG vs DK game?你没看第一周JDG vs DK的比赛吗?

Deckownermark my word JDG will sandbag the next game to not face EDG in quarters.JDG绝逼故意放水避免和EDG内战。

LeiBlankPls DK make it 1st seed we dont wanna see civil war in quarters求求让DK拿下小组第一吧我们不想看8强内战

gaveuptheghostBest thing about this DK win is we get another DK vs JDG game.DK赢下这局的最大好处是我们可以再看一场加赛了。

Tomclaz999 ABSOLUTE 1V9 GOD-BOSS999无上战神1v9

ElectroStaticzBan Aatrox or you trolling.不ban剑魔是不是在演。

assassinboy4Reduce Aatrox's health below 100% challenge (Impossible)剑魔血量降到100%以下大挑战(不可能)

mostarsuushiNuguri just go tank for the rest of the tournament牛古力剩下的比赛都要拿坦了

MrRawriBeing behind in gold is actually JDG powerspikeJDG的经济落后其实是强势期

chineseduckmanIma need to see T1 JDG bo5 now我现在要看T1 JDG的bo5

GlurooJDG might be the only team in the entire world who unironically might be better at playing from behind than playing with a lead lmao
idk if any such team can even logically exist but if it does its JDG

TheRed_Knightgold leads seem irrelevant to them, up 10k, down 10k, theyre gonna scrap it out经济跟他们好像根本没关系一样,领先1w,落后1w,他们照样爆打对面

Trap_MastersI knew it was over once JDG fell behindJDG落后的时候我就知道游戏结束了

ToRimperfect1Banger from 369 but jesus christ how long is aatrox going to avoid any meaningful nerfs369太猛了我靠剑魔什么时候才能得到真正有意义的削弱

InsertblamehereShowmaker needs mental evaluation to understand his leblanc build
6 kills and cant 1 shot anyone

hashtagdissectedjdg made deokdam look like flakkedjdg让大蛋看起来像flakked一样

LekaetosHahaha loving the crowd vibing together哈哈哈喜欢观众全体欢呼的氛围

EtadanikMThis is pretty close to what you expect out of LPL vs. LCK in best of games.
Close games, LPL for whatever reason has a small advantage that carries them in the most important game.
LPL vs LCK的比赛基本都是这样。

Suspicious-Bus6351We need more LCK v LPL Bo5, Bo3, Bo1, etc. just give me more matches between these two regions it is criminal man every match between these regions are bangers我们 需要更多的LCK vs LPL Bo5, Bo3, Bo1等等。这两个赛区的比赛每场都太精彩了。

LookwhojustWait. Where is DK, are they all positive??等等,DK人呢,全都阳了??

SuikanI dont watch Asian leagues but damn 369 is the best player of the tournament?我虽然不看亚洲比赛但是369绝对是这届最强选手吧?

sktt1234Top gap

SuperRedShrimpletJust realised BrokenBlade's worlds experience has been 0-6 TSM and now 1-5 G2 sadge
2-4 next year?
才发现BrokenBlade的世界赛成绩从之前的0-6TSM到现在的1-5 G2(沮丧)

Dystopia0906Can't wait. Zeus vs 369 BANGER等不及了。宙斯vs 369的终极对决


SuspiciousSwimming5well, we got 3 and 9 today嘛,今天同时摇到了3和9

CraviarI think he cheated this game and brought 2 dices cause somehow he got a fucking 12 outta nowhere我发誓369绝壁作弊了,他肯定带了两颗骰子过来不然怎么能摇个他妈的12出来

3luejaysNeed a BO5 for 369 vs Canyon carries想看369 vs Canyon的全力BO5

GuiltyVeekWe went from a scary pirate from Zeus to godlike Aatrox from 369刚见识完宙斯船长的恐怖现在又领教到369神一样的剑魔

Euphoric_Schedule484AATROX needs to be banned HOLYBSHIT剑魔必须得ban掉卧槽

x3nicsdisgusting hard carry performance from 369369变态般的发挥carry

site17JDG tricked y'all. Being behind is their comfort zone.JDG把你们全骗了。逆风局才是他们的强项。

Draupnir_Mustangwhy JDG always able to come back?JDG怎么总能翻盘?

LARXXXballs/mental of steel and being the best teamfighting team in the world超强的韧性和世界最强的团战能力

toostronKGGood team fight团战打得真好

FreakkopathWhat a top gap.
I NEED to see 369 vs Zeus.
我要看369 vs 宙斯。

Fedejuve4everatrox so balanced剑魔可真平衡啊

beethovenftwWow JDG best teamfighting team at worlds. Not even closeJDG世界赛最强团战。其他队差十万八千里

DeDiRaninteresting seeing how every LPL fans saying how great 369 played but LCK fans complains aatrox unbalanced..看到每个LPL粉丝都在称赞369的出色发挥,而LCK粉全在抱怨剑魔的平衡性,真是有趣有趣…

Annual-Mastodon-8260aatrox is balanced, LPL teams don't ban him on red side and pick jax/fiora into the match up. worked pretty well so far.剑魔挺平衡的,LPL队伍在红方选择不ban而用武器/剑姬conter,目前效果不错的。

jetlagging1Especially RNG. Breathe can comfortably play Aatrox or counter.尤其是RNG。呼吸哥对剑魔的使用和反制得心应手。

Bubbly_Camera9583Both are right. 369 put on a fucking clinic and shit on DK through playing like a god. But aatrox is also turbo broken.都没错。369的剑魔像战神一样把DK秀烂了。但这英雄也是有点超模。

LekaetosThat’s why he is a pick or ban champ this meta所以这版本不是在ban就是在pick

HermitSageeverytime an LPL player carries they'll complain about the champ. happens every time. whereas if it were any other player they'd never get off their nuts. just how it is
relish the salt. bad time to be a western media consuming goon

DrStrangelove11Any game LPL wins vs EU/LCK, you’ll see people complaining about draft diff, champion unbalanced, how the other team played bad. Very rarely you’ll see people praising the LPL team
I hope LPL beats the shit out of those two regions again this year so we can have some calm and peace