欧美网民:英雄联盟S12全球总决赛 JDG vs EG 小组赛 Day1 讨论



JD Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses / 2022 World Championship - Group B / Post-Match Discussion英雄联盟S12全球总决赛 JDG vs EG 小组赛 Day1 讨论

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Shot-Mathematician58JDG raising NA's hopium stock to make it crash even harder.JDG先是抬高北美的幻想,只为把它摔得更狠一点。

appleandapplesI bought in at the ace. I'm financially ruined...我在团灭的时候买入的。现在倾家荡产…

Trap_MastersJDG straight up farming NA hopium 💀JDG轻松拿捏北美观众的妄想发育得盆满钵满💀

jfsoaig345Dudes literally just decided at one point "alright that's enough of that" and started shitting on us. Like lil bro getting a little too carried away so pissed off big bro puts him into the dirt.这帮家伙就好像在某节骨眼上商量完决定 “行了水就先放到这儿”然后直接给我们干碎了。就好像小弟玩得太过火后被生气的大哥给一拳锤进土里。

imArsenalsI thought there was a 0% chance EG would win. And then I really started to believe when they were winning, I thought they could do it. Then JDG said “you thought” and promptly smashed my hope lmao我本来以为EG赢的机率是0%。后来我真的开始相信有赢的可能,他们能做到。结果JDG说“你想得美”然后直接把我的希望干碎了笑死

Nasyboy221EG should’ve known that Chinese teams will just 5v5 over mid waveEG该清楚中国队会直接在中路兵线上5v5

rress332Last team fight was Hope pushing mid lane while JDG winning 4 v 5 team fight上一波团战是Hope推中线的同时JDG拿下4v5团战

GeneralEkorresejuani sees enemeny, sejuani press R, viego go kill猪妹看到了敌方英雄,猪妹按了R,破败王走过去收割人头

TsuhumeThree 5v4s in that game. /:一局三次4打5。 /:

AzyncYTTwhen they do it its a team fight when we do it its an aram smh对面是团战,我们是大乱斗笑死

FireVanGorderIt’s like nobody on their coaching staff watched a single JDG match in preparation for this group.感觉教练组没一个为这次小组赛去看JDG的哪怕一场比赛。

FireVanGorderNA coaches just continuing to steal paychecks every year北美教练就是一帮年年躺着吃干饭的

MrSwipySwipersThat's how they won vs TES in both series.他们今年就是这么赢TES的

ForeverVictoryThis is how every JDG game looks like even in the LPL. They always win unconvincingly but somehow keep winning. Probably because their macro is just immaculate. But it can't be enough to win Worlds imoJDG的每场比赛基本都是这样,甚至在LPL。他们每次都赢得不怎么令人信服,但不知怎的总能取得连胜。可能是因为他们的整体战略完美无缺。但个人看来还不足以拿下s冠。

ttaway420They are just on another level of being on the same page as a team, probably the best synergy of any team at worlds rn他们跟其他队完全不在一个档次,基本是目前世界上配合最强的队伍

altriaaI really thought EG would win this, but that crazy teamfight after 369's engage on Jojo at mid reminded me why these guys are LPL champs.我差点以为EG要拿下了,但在369中路强开jojo的那场疯狂团战后,才让我想起来这帮家伙是LPL的冠军。

timpirinoi havent really watched that much lpl, but jesus they looked scary in fights我lpl比赛看得不多,但我滴天他们打架水平也太吓人了

YungPinotGrigiowatch TES vs JD Gaming Upper BRacket Final.去看TES vs JDG胜者组决赛。

purplebeanz3457Kind of crazy that NA's best performance today came from EG vs JDG今日北美最佳表现来自EG vs JDG着实有点离谱

Conankun66Win one Game Fight to give Fans false hope赢得一场比赛团战给粉丝虚幻的希望

scawtsaucethat aphelios ult made my heart sink厄斐琉斯那个大让我的心都凉了

Dyingsun1Well, EG were winning until they weren’t lol嘛,EG在输之前一直在赢lol

Shabam999We won a teamfight and got a solo kill bot.
We take those.

HalPrenticeBeggars can’t be choosers.要饭的哪能挑肥拣瘦。

JoshFB4They just couldn’t wait for soul就不能等龙魂吗

ThanatosisLawlJojo got so greedy on mid waveJojo太贪中路兵线了

lovo17Because in NA, they won’t get engaged on like that.因为在北美,自己被不会被这样强开。

appleandapplesThat engage mid was a legit blink and you'll miss it moment.中路那波强开基本就是一眨眼就错过的瞬间。

EzAf_K3chStuff like this is what u never even see in NA hard to blame them when they never practice against this level of play这种东西是你在NA没法见到的,很难去责怪他们,毕竟根本没机会去获得这种级别的对抗训练

DarthTaz_99Impact missing in every fking fightImpact每场团战都tm玩失踪

chovyfanGot the huge shutdowns gold and you use it to buy fking collector. Profit?那么多赏金你拿去买他妈的收集者。搞笑呢?

Cool-I-guessWell you see it's because –嘛这个原因当然是—

visc0siityTakes money to make money, or something拿钱去赚钱,之类的

QuiescentRabbittLots of respect for Kaori, it must be crazy pressure to go from LCS Academy to playing against LPL's first seed, and actually performing well!致敬Kaori,从LCS赛区来对抗LPL的一号种子一定顶着巨大压力,但是发挥仍旧出彩!

ChroniclerPrimeYeah, he looks good.的确,他玩的不错

RIPDreamEG played well all things considered. They can hold their heads at least higher than 100T and C9EG总体打得还算可以了。起码他们能在100T和C9面前把头抬起来