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Gen.G vs. Royal Never Give Up / 2022 World Championship - Group D / Post-Match Discussion英雄联盟S12全球总决赛 Gen.G vs RNG 小组赛 Day1 讨论

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PsychoBoost123Went to the bathroom and got ganked by Wei, Xiaohu, and Ming去了趟厕所就被wei,小虎和ming给gank了

DaysaelirI knew it was over once Doinb said GENG would win当doinb说geng会赢时我就知道结果了

Trap_MastersDoinB just doing his part helping the LPL even if he isn’t at Worlds.DoinB只是远程帮LPL出一份力罢了。

POOYAMONIt’s actually wild how active Ming was活跃起来的Ming可真狠呐

PsychoBoost123Ming and Wei were playing like the ghosts of Mata and Dandy on Samsung White with their roaming + ridiculous vision control.Ming和Wei玩得像三星时的Mata和Dandy一样,游走+离谱的视野控制能力。

sorendiz71% of the earth's surface is covered by water. The rest is covered by Ming地球表面的71%由水覆盖,剩下的由Ming

Zyvexalpeople don't realize that Ruler legit has PTSD against RNG
There's a famous clip of Ruler screaming "UZI IS COMING UZI IS COMING" repeatedly in a game where Uzi wasn't even there. His teammates had to calm him down by saying "there's no uzi calm down, it's Gala" lmao.
prepare for Ruler Gala memes in the Chinese reaction translation threads.
有个很出名的片段是Ruler在一场比赛里不停地大喊“UZI来了UZI来了”,结果uzi压根就没参加那场比赛。他的队友只得不断安慰他说“淡定那不是uzi,他是gala” 笑死。

Lifemekhanism"there's no uzi calm down, it's Gala"
Then Ruler has heart attack

appleandapplesMe: Can't wait for Ruler vs Gala, battle of the hyper-carries
Ruler: No
我:等不及看Ruler vs Gala,两大主c之间的战斗了

azns123GenG 🤝 G2
Putting your carry on a support champ
GenG 🤝 G2

llamktthe most disgusting thing about RNG is that they always play to the level of their opponentRNG最恶心的地方在于他们永远能发挥出与对手相当的水平

PuncanDopegood news for 100T cuz they’re fucking terrible100T乐坏了因为他们打得滂臭

acels1NA always catching strays out of nowhereNA经常被不知从哪来的人给抓掉

Stargazer306That includes sometimes even matching wildcard team's levelRNG时不时也能成功融入外卡段位

Quil0nAnd sometimes, not matching wildcard teams’ level…
Can’t be as bad as LGD tho

Nymaera_Hey don't you spoil my DFM Copium thank you very much喂你,别破坏我对DFM的幻想谢谢

Stargazer306DFM the legendary anime tier team Pog.DFM传奇二次元T0强队pog

6 カンクン神奈川県 [US]2022/10/06木 11:15:54.66ID:GlQEF8zh0Blank-612
This meta is really good for RNG, wouldnt shock me if they won worlds

SarazamBreathe meta, and aphelios Kai sa meta. Insane for RNG. Also top being important is bad for Gen G.呼吸哥版本,厄斐琉斯和卡莎都是强势英雄。RNG打得太狠了。另外这版本上路变重要了不利于Gen G。

yuzusoft_erogeCan't imagine the flame war in China if it happens.无法想象RNG真夺冠后中国的舆论走向。

Cool-I-guessFlashback to an hour ago when a lot of people thought they were the worst team out of LPL and LCK直到一小时前大部分人都认定RNG是lpl和lck里最菜的那个

NamelessSearcherMy pickems are so fucked我的预测输麻了

MarxistPigeonPlayed like shit in play ins to gaslight GenG into troll picking singedRNG前面打得跟屎一样就为了骗GenG放出来炼金玩

icatsoukiit's what i've been trying to say lol, you can't really make any conclusion on rng level just because they lost to dfm or other random team
they do this shit all the time

Fancydudehero24No if you watch MSI vs Wildcards RNG always gigastomp play-in teams.
Let’s just admit DFM showed up big that day instead of trying to downgrade them at every turn :)

PurpleReignerDFM played well and were impressive, that being said, they would not have even come close to beating RNG if they played in this form.DFM的表现令人印象深刻,话虽如此,他们这种打法还是无法看到击败RNG的可能

Stargazer306Now I am curious to see Gen G vs DFM monkaW好奇GenG对上DFM会怎样(害怕)

f0ntLPL does this shit in BO1s especially every year. Feel like people get too crazy over a BO1LPL基本每年都在bo1拉跨。感觉人们对bo1看太重了

Nasyboy221Gen G saw what G2 did with Caps and felt the need to one up them by putting Ruler on SennaGenG看了G2对Caps的待遇后决定需要更进一步,把赛娜丢给Ruler

Conankun66that senna was fucking starving to death这赛娜是真努力在送啊

AzureAhaiDidn't even finish a mythic before the game ended.到比赛结束甚至一件神话装都没有

DoorHingesKillCouldn't close the exp gap to Leona either lmao.等级都比不过蕾欧娜笑死

FirelordAlexRuler did less damage than anyone else in the game, including a Leona.Ruler全场最低伤害,包括雷欧娜

Intelligent-Curve-19Yea, I really doubt we see Ruler on senna again. Did absolutely nothing for their team.嗯,我怀疑还能不能再次见到Ruler用赛娜。对团队贡献完全为0.

xr2hb2eud3Ruler took fasting Senna to the next levelRuler将绝食流赛娜带到了一个新高度

kagami108Putting your best player on senna, what a great idea让最c的选手去玩赛娜,真有你的GenG

Leading_Inside3812did you guys notice that the teams that qualified through the playins performed above expectations? Fnatic, EG and now RNG.你们有没有发现入围赛晋级的队伍都发挥得超出预期?FNC, EG和现在的RNG。

denoobiestplayins buff is crazy every year入围赛buff每年都很猛

jackkiwiHappens every year. Playins buff年年都这样。入围赛buff

sorendizPlayins buff is always a thing入围赛buff向来没得说

DolundDrumphGenG , GG , G2... GenG=G2GenG , GG , G2... GenG=G2