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Love Live! Superstar!! 2 S2E9 Discussion - "In Order To Win"Love Live! Superstar!! 第二季第9集讨论 "为了胜利"

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Hello_I_Dont_KnowEvery time Wien Margarete appears, I'm more convinced that she isn't real. She comes out of nowhere, says "Shibuya Kanon" and leaves instantly. It's even worse here, Kanon sees her, blinks, and now she's gone, so either she knows Instant Transmission or she may be a figment of Kanon's imagination. Must suck for Sunny Passion, imagine losing to a ghost.
On a more serious note, that scene with Sumire acting like the bad guy was fucking amazing, especially the moment where Kanon screamed at her, it genuinely hurt. Also, seeing Keke and Sumire have actual banter instead of just insulting each other was nice (too bad it took 9 episodes to get back to that...).


okdokkeit's sooo fucking goofy the way she teleports in and out of kanon's vision like 😭 i know we're supposed to be intimidated by her talent and everything but with the way she's a literal middle schooler and shows up at kanon's HOUSE to say like... 3 words to her than disappear again is so goofy. she doesn't even know kanon. she just decided to target her because she's good i guess? like???她在香音视野里来回tp也太逆天了😭我知道观众本来应该对她的才能啥的感到压迫感,但她以一个初中生的身份闪现进香音家里然后…对她说两句话然后消失也太难绷了。她俩都不认识。难不成就因为香音演出表现好所以特地跑来针对她?我???

badgerspriteS H I B U Y A K A N O N涩 谷 香 音

dadnayaI found it hilarious that Kanon actually got triggered by Wien's words. She came all the way to just diss her and disappear?
Honestly expected Kanon to say something like "You again?" In a dead bored voice, close the door and return to her regular life

TakenRedditNameEvery time she appears especially these recent episodes after her disappearence, I do go, “Ah, the ghost girl is real.”每次看见她出现,尤其是消失了一段时间后又回归的最近几集,我就想“啊,原来都市传说是真的。”

SeregiosXLol, Kanon was about to "fix" it again for the 20th time with talk no jutsu but got stopped.笑死,大香老师又想靠话疗来“救场”结果被无情打断。

grunderxChii-chan be like "Nope, not again Kanon."千酱:“想都别想哦,香音。”

Agitated_Eye9933she almost brought out the next level of talk no jutsu, the bright-slap她差点就使出了比话疗更上一层的技能,大嘴巴子

deftoned006Paychan. Top tier seiyuu performance. My goodness her performance on the roof was awesome.Pay酱。顶级cv表现。她在屋顶的那段发挥真是太棒了。

-Wakana Shiki
Everything that comes out of this girls mouth is iconic.

warjokeShiki confirmed for Cyberpunk 2077四季参演赛博朋克2077确定

AlinaTheShyWow. The feels, the drama, the love confessions, the big big daisuki…this sure was an episode.哇。这感情,这场景,这爱的告白,这big big daisuki…这集真是太美好了。

MightyActionGaimThis episode has made me realize how much I really like Sumire as a character and holy shit SunnyPas jobbing wtf这集让我明白了我有多喜欢堇这个角色,但是撒尼帕咋就突然没了wtf


TodetractGreat episode. That was probably the best rooftop argument in the series.
It seems that people don't like how they handled SunnyPa in general, but I enjoyed all their scenes in the anime and their conversation with Liella here was really good. Yuuna was trying so hard to not seem frustrated with her loss.
Now that everyone is on the same page, will Liella be able to beat Wien this season? Wien's a pretty weird kid but I want to see if her performance can live up to her words.

kinyoubikazeIs Margarette even real?玛格丽特不会根本不存在吧?

shmameronShe's an Oddity created from Kanon's insecurities, or something她是由香音的不安感所诞生出的怪异,之类的

OctavePearlgoddamnit, someone call Oshino please我靠,快去把忍野叫来

pradshaw89She must be from... the Forbidden Realm!她一定来自于…禁断的世界!

DylpoohThat's what I keep thinking, but the rest of Liella + Sunny Pa acknowledge her existence...or maybe even that is part of Kanon's imagination我也是这么想的,但是Liella的其他成员+撒尼帕都证实了她的存在…还是说这也是香音臆想的一部分

(译者吐槽:国外还真是喜欢研究精神啊,心理啊,潜意识这种东西= =)

lenne18Never thought SunnyPa would job.
Anyway, this episode delivered. Honestly thought they would kiss at one point.


eRHachanThe first years having first row seats to Kanon losing her cool and rearing up to slap Sumire before Keke's outburst has me in stitches, especially for how otherwise serious that scene is supposed to be, not gonna lie.看见一年生坐在前排围观香音失去冷静要跳起来扇堇一巴掌时被可可喝止,给我笑得肚子疼,尤其是知道这段剧情本来该写得很严肃,不开玩笑。

Agitated_Eye9933first years be like "is the school idol club secretly a drama club too?" XD一年生:“学园偶像部原来还是隐藏情感戏剧部?“ XD

TheThinker_SKAlways has been一直都是

warjokeSIFAS NIJI idol club: "first time?"SIFAS虹团:“第一次?”

LabmitI have three conclusions to this episode:
1. SunnyPa is such a disappointment. It's like they tried to make another A-Rise but without the cool music or memorable presence outside of the show.
2. The gayness that could rival previous moments in LoveLive between Sumire and Keke was great to see. Especially so after their previous comedy routine veered from funny to annoying after going on for so long(I never had that problem on season 1 but season 2 got annoying since the serious talk they had from ep1 was overshadowing the comedy moments for me).
3. Imagine if Wein wins this Love Live. Or better yet, wins Love Live AND joins Liella once she goes to High School. That might actually break the fanbase worse than what SIFAS Lanzhu did.
1. 撒尼帕实在令人失望。感觉制作组想要做出另一个A-Rise但是缺少酷炫的歌曲和演出以外令人难忘的表现
2. 可堇间能与LoveLive前作名场面相媲美的感情喜闻乐见,制作组早该多搞点这种,尤其是她俩的欢喜冤家路线逐渐从欢喜完全转变成了纯冤家这么久(我在看第一季的时候从来没有这个问题,但是从第二季第一集的严肃对话开始就给幽默情节蒙上了一层阴影)。
3. 想象一下vn拿下了这届Love Live。或者更过一点,拿了冠军并且在高一加入Liella。这对粉丝的打击绝对比当时SIFAS岚珠搞的还要大。

48johnXI want season 3 so I do hope she wins, also imo I just think 2 seasons + movie isn’t really enough for Liella particularly with the new first years we have now. Would be a big waste to me if Superstar ends right when they get acclimated in the group我想看第三季所以还是挺想让她赢的,另外个人感觉2季+剧场版对Liella尤其是刚加入的一年生来说内容并不够。如果Superstar在她们刚适应团体后就结束那对我而言就太可惜了。

LPerceptsINB4 Liella gets more members when Season 3 rolls around.万一Liella第三季又加新人呢

dxing2Even they have to know by this point that doing that would undoubtedly bury Liella…. Right???即使制作组已经知道如果这么做会毫无疑问葬送掉Liella…是吧???

warjokeOh great, they made SunnyPa more pointless than ever. I know they are a kind rival to the girls and that their bond is undeniable, but maigad this is just so effed up. (略)啊,真好,这下撒尼帕完全没有存在意义了。我知道她们属于即是竞争对手又有深厚羁绊的存在,但这种结果也太尼玛草率了。悠奈和摩央连一年生都没见过!然后她们就输给了同样毫无存在意义的vn,这人不断在晚上突然出现,骚扰香音,然后像他妈的蝙蝠侠一样瞬间消失了。vn到底是不是真的我都不晓得?她给我感觉就像个超智能实验品AI,专门为了搅黄LoveLive而四处劝退选手参加比赛。你问我为什么?因为 单凭一名不知从哪所学校来的初中生直接把她们所有人全都干碎了,WTF。你跟我说这个在比赛会场来回瞬移,在香音面前眼睛一眨的工夫就消失的鬼一样的家伙是真实存在的?还是个真正的威胁?!编剧,你给我出来解释一下!这他妈是什么玩意儿?!给人感觉就像一个健全的音乐番里突然加进了一坨反乌托邦科幻和超自然系的狗屎。


LoL_is_for_hamkachanSomething is wrong..
Sumire: If we lose again, Keke will be going back to Shanghai 😭
Others: Oh
So they weren't shocked or what?

i think it was more like they were confused? i'm sure they had it explained to them afterwards, but it was definitely rushed

SayoHina320Also RIP Sunny Passions, last year champions, got beaten by 4 groups (Including Wien) in their own district.RIP撒泥巴,去年冠军,今年在自己主场被4个团(包括vn)暴打。

badgerspriteI was hoping that they would do like pretty much this exact storyline with Sumire being Keke’s secret keeper and I wasn’t disappoint.我一直想看制作组做这种堇替可可保守秘密的剧情,没有失望太好了

saifulfarhanTHEY FINALLY DID IT! THEY FINALLY ADMITTED THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!!她们终于到这步了!她们终于承认了自己互相爱着对方!我真为她们感到高兴!!!!

SayoHina320I never expected to cry that much. What an episode.完全没料到这么催泪。不错的一集。

ervynelaThe episode itself is great and all, but I am starting to think that the animation staff never thought much about, or came up with, the actual rules to the love live tournament itself.
Sunshine had their musical and everyone storming the stage (I guess they did get penalized for it), but right now it's just anything goes with Wien.

maxterminatorThanks for giving us the good moment☺️. (KekeKanon Aug 8 2021 - Sept 18 2022)感谢给我们展示美好的画面☺️(可可香音 2021.8.8-2022.9.18)

jonjoyKuukaa. FTFY是可香。帮你订正下

okdokkewas anyone else genuinely hoping kanon would slap sumire 😭😭 that would be a top tier u’s reference, lol.(略)有没有人跟我一样想看香音扇堇的😭😭绝对是top级致敬缪斯,lol。
可可和堇的关系进展感觉还是有点强行,而且感觉可可仍旧对堇很刻薄,但是最后的场景实在太感人了。可可双手捧住堇的脸时姛浓度直接升至100% lol。星团真是整个企划中最姛的一部,我就好这口。

LPerceptsYou want to see that a third time? I thought it would have gotten old the second time.你想看扇三次吗?我以为扇到第二次就已经算老套了。

PMCuteAnimeGirlsTo quote a crunchyroll commenter from Nijigasaki season 1,
"I think they do the lesbianisms".