欧美阿宅:「LoveLive! SuperStar!!」第二季第4集感想



Love Live! Superstar!! 2 S2E4 Discussion - "The Two in the Science Room"「LoveLive! SuperStar!!」第二季第4集感想

Happy birthday to Natsumi! However, it looks like this will be a Mei and Shiki episode..

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darth__fluffyWAKE UP EVERYONE IT'S MEI DAY大家醒醒今天是芽衣回

netpapacompared to last week's episode, two times or even three times more MEI TODAY这集的芽衣戏份是上周的两倍甚至三倍

darth__fluffyThe recommended dose is 100 milligrams of Yoneme Mei twice daily. Taking Yoneme Mei can help prevent or cure heart attack, stroke, cancer, anxiety, depression, diabetes, broken bones, obesity, indigestion, asthma, pregnancy complications, kidney stones, tooth infections, ADHD, sunburn, monkeypox, COVID-19, polio, old age, death, and hangnails. Side effects may include trouble sleeping Saturday nights, excessive amounts of money spent on Love Live merch, and an intense appreciation from redheaded gap moe. Don't ask your doctor if Yoneme Mei is right for you, because Yoneme Mei is right for everybody.对于米女芽衣的推荐摄入剂量为100毫克,每日两次。服用米女芽衣有助于预防和治疗心脏病发作、中风、癌症、焦虑、抑郁、糖尿病、骨折、肥胖、消化不良、哮喘、妊娠并发症、肾结石、牙齿感染、ADHD、晒伤、猴痘、新冠肺炎、脊髓灰质炎、衰老、死亡和手上倒刺。副作用可能包括周六晚上睡眠困难,对love live周边过度消费,以及重度红毛控。不要问医生芽衣是否适合自己,因为芽衣适合所有人。

LPerceptsWhy haven't pfizer marketed her yet?辉瑞怎么还没开始销售?

aiu-eoI liked how Chisato took the initiative to be the club president, especially after that Kanon-gushing scene everybody was doing at the start. But they should've gone with this flow and also have Chisato be the one to convince Mei to join, not make Kanon do it again for the 6th time I think this time. She was the one who convinced Keke, Sumire, Chisato, Ren, and Kinako. Now she's also the one who convinced Mei and by proxy Shiki.
There was no reason that it had to be Kanon again. Chisato would've been been way better for the reason above, or maybe Kinako since she interacted with Mei multiple times before.


LPercepts>> She was the one who convinced Keke, Sumire, Chisato, Ren, and Kinako. Now she's also the one who convinced Mei and by proxy Shiki.
Didn't Keke convince Kanon to form Liella initially?
>> 她已经接连说服可可、堇、千、恋和希奈子加入


Wetworth| Didn't Keke convince pummel Kanon into submission to form Liella initially? Something like that.「不是可可说服采用各种手段迫使香音屈服组成Liella的吗?」 这样差不多。


WetworthBut it's why we love her.但我们就爱她这点。

mister-funny-manI absolutely loved this episode! The Mei-Shiki dynamic is so adorable! I loved their backstory together (sidenote: please let them show Mei wearing glasses at some point), and the way they ended up joining was natural, funny, and touching all at once! Also, it was so nice to see Chisato taking on a leadership role, her character development is so great to see! And that's not even mentioning Sumire's Liella no Uta segment! Definitely my favorite episode of the season so far!喜欢这集!芽衣和四季的互动太可爱了!喜欢她们在一起的回忆片段(另:有机会请让芽衣展示下戴眼镜的样子),最后两人一起加入的桥段非常自然,有趣和感动!此外,很高兴看到小千担任起立德的责任,十分期待她的角色成长!结尾堇的Liella之歌也非常可爱!目前最喜欢的一集!

Weezelone>> (sidenote: please let them show Mei wearing glasses at some point)
So you're saying you want some Mei-gane?


wikowiko33ba dum tss咚咚叮


2LionThat legendary DVD is still going strong from Muse era kek. Also, another shot of Oninuts working. Those many part time jobs have to be illegal for a high schooler right? I wonder how she'll resolve that with idol practice.
Today's title card looked great visually.
Hearing Sumire ver of last week's Liella no uta was nice too :3
听到堇版的Liella之歌也很棒 :3

Mykal1212Just This, And This,, Protect Shiki's Cute Face想要守护四季的可爱表情

ElitealiceNah everyone needs a friend like Shiki fr. Knowing your friend is scared and just doesn’t want to admit it so you go and do it to motivate them is such a sweet thing to do. Their whole relationship is so pure and wholesome, just real friends. Loved their convo at the end of the ep “I can do my best if you’re there with me”
This season looks like it’s going to end up being better than season 1 which is saying something cause that was awesome. Shiki has solidified herself as the best of the first years. She’s just too damn cute.


mustpetallcatsyes .. real friends... wholesome unromantic gal pals嗯…真正的朋友…不如说是一对低调的模范情侣

FLAUROS_REX_FULLCITYConsidering how Mei & Shiki acted in the episode, I think those two socially awkward goobers would be the type of people to not realize they're a couple until after they basically became one in all but name.考虑到芽衣和四季在这集的表现,我觉得这俩笨蛋宅女怕是那种不结婚就不知道她们已经到那一步的类型。

Maki_The_AngelI mean Shiki was kinda like “yeah, we’re uh… friends” after Kanon pointed it out, so I think that was her realization too. Like oh wait what the fuck are Mei and I actually直到香音指明这点前,四季想法一直是“嗯,我们应该呃…算是朋友”吧,我想她也是那会才意识到。然后心想诶等等卧槽原来我和芽衣其实

ElitealiceIf that’s what you’re looking for out of it.如果你们想这么理解也行。

aci42I like how Kanon uses Chisato as handlebars - Chisato seems to like it from her blush!喜欢香音像握车把一样攥着小千的两个丸子头-看小千脸红的表情其实也很开心吧!

Agitated_Eye9933>> I like how Kanon uses Chisato as handlebars

did you mean doorknob? XD
when art imitates real life
>> 喜欢香音像握车把一样攥着小千的两个丸子头


rabbitinieSo, for short, this week's LL! episode has club Leader, L!8 and the ol' LLL. Too many L's.简单来说,这集的LL!有了社长,Liella!到齐八人并且见识到了古老永恒的爱。太多L 了。

(译注:old long lasting love,根据剧情猜的不确定是不是这个缩写)

ramuneramuneehow hard can you ship shikimei?
Y e s
how much sumikuu flirting can you take?
Y e s

LeonKevlarI love the reference to the OG Love Live with the Legendary DVD-Box set.
Shiki finally showing us the dere side of her kuudere was such a great scene. <3
喜欢这里致敬初代Love Live的传说DVD盒。
四季终于露出害羞一面的样子真是太棒了 <3

LPerceptsCant remember if Nico ever owned one or not.忘了妮可是不是有一个来着。

MisterSolitaireNico owned three.妮可有仨。

jonjoyhow about aqours? i believe the Kurosawas might have one水团呢?我记得黑泽应该有一个

JimmyCWLNico's the reason we know it exists.妮可让我们知道了它真实存在。

LPerceptsSure, though I was unsure if she actually owned the box set in the first place. Plenty of people in various fandoms are aware certain "grail" items exist, but don't physically own said items.确实,不过我不确定她是否真的有这个盒子。很多圈子里的人都知道某种“圣遗物”的存在,但都不拥有实体物品。

Ohara-DiaIt is the day the real couple of the group is rising. Now ShikixMei is the best couple of this generation.
It's good to see Chisato developing herself thanks to their kouhais. Next episode will be Oninatsu time!!

MisterSolitaireNozomi and Eli fingerbanging would be less gay than what Shiki and Mei have going on.以后绘希指法怕都不如红蓝两口子玩的花。

EdgarDom81539I'm kinda getting tired of Kanon doing everything in the series. She recruits every single member to Liella, she's the one whom the rivals are always focused on, she's repeatedly mentioned to be "oh so talented" by Keke, Wienn, Mei, etc., she's the one that solves most character dramas (Ren for example) and she's the leader so of course she also gets the most centers.
Meanwhile Ren and Chisato just say their two token lines per episode while in the background and then just go back to being props. This episode kinda helped Chisato so that was cool, but Ren is still a lost cause.

kinyoubikazeMei and Shiki are so wholesome, I cry.
Also Is it just me or episode 4`s animation felt kinda weird?

AlinaTheShyVery hyped for the Natsumi episode. Especially after seeing just how CALM she is in the preview!非常期待夏美回。尤其是看到预告里她那“淡定”的表情!

Agitated_Eye9933my thoughts on the episode:
mei, shiki... PLEASE GET MARRIED!!!!! XD
芽衣,四季…请立刻结婚!!!!! XD

jonjoybest episode so far. Mei Shiki are so cute and fun to watch.
Chisato volunteering herself as the club president feels really fresh compared to the other series, aside from kasukasu self proclaimed leader. lol
now i want to know the content of that legendary dvd.